Piracy & Music

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was reading an article the other day about piracy and how it is affecting the music and entertainment industry. The author seemed middle-aged and was only looking at it from a one-sided view. Piracy has led to loss of revenue in the entertainment industry, but it has also created some opportunities for most music artists. A lot of people look at piracy as a plague that just started affecting the music industry but they fail to understand that piracy has always been present in the industry and the only way to reduce loss of revenue is by creating opportunities with it rather than trying to stop it. Piracy is a disease we all have to deal with, not complain about.

Music artists have benefited from piracy because their works are now available to more people as a result of piracy and the internet. Before, an artist put out albums on a major label and made a small percentage from the sales as well as some of the revenue generated from touring. The label made most of the money at times leaving very little for the artist that created the music. With increased piracy, most of these labels have been forced to release very few albums and this has led to artists putting out independent albums for their fans. These independent albums while not free are easy to find online and download. They are also highly anticipated by most fans because the artists promote them through social sites and music blogs. As a result of piracy, these independent albums are spread all over the world and the artist becomes in demand for shows and concerts. I mean most music artists never benefitted from music sales in the first place, so it’s in their interest to build other avenues for their income. Piracy indirectly increases their fan base and the artists make more from touring and other merchandising deals in the long run as a result. Piracy has also lead to artists releasing more music for free for their fans, before with the labels controlling the artist this was almost impossible. Some artists even go as far as providing streams and download links for their albums days before it comes out to increase the hype and anticipation.

The people complaining about piracy are not even the artists, it’s the big labels and people that made their income from album sales. They are the ones that exploited the talents of the artist for their selfish interests, so these are the people pushing for more piracy and anti-theft laws because they are the only ones being affected.

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